Pixel Feats

Beholden to nothing except for what is fun and what works

Living, Breathing, Making Games!

Irreverent Pixel Feats is an Australian game studio that was made by people who strive to get out of life what we put into games by design:

Clear Goals

We always want there to be a bright light at the end of the tunnel!

Levelling Up

We want to look back every year and be able to say we are better at what we have chosen to do!


Ah, that sweet illusion of choice and control!

Our Games

The Cavern Echoes

A short point and click adventure game made with Unity in just 2 weeks for Adventure Game Jam 2021!

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1000 Fathoms

A tiny 2-player coop survival game made with Godot for Ludum Dare 48!

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Our Services


Need the extra hands to reach a milestone? Short-handed for a short term project but not yet looking to grow? We can help out!

We’re well versed in all the common engines, as well as
C++ and other common programming languages for custom engine contributions!

We're familiar with a wide range of engines and technologies... And we're always willing to get familiar with new ones!

We've Helped These Brands and Studios!

Our People Contributed to These Projects!

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